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is a comprehensive programme, a roadmap of mental skills with tried and tested tools from the coal-face of elite sports performance that gives you a cutting-edge.

Get access to the creator, David Sammel, a master of mental skills development, and coach to true winners, people who know how to lose in a way that leads them to win.

Become confident and effective by applying these tactics in our self-paced online course or join his popular Monthly Mindset Group which includes the programme and many other benefits. Book your discovery call now!

Books by David

best seller


Locker Room Power

Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind is a powerful new book written by International Tennis Coach David Sammel. In his first book, he shares the step-by-step process and his winning formula.


Belief and Self Confidence

What is the difference between self-belief and self-confidence? “I think luck falls on not just the brave but also the one to believe they belong there. " Novak Djokovic


The Transition: from junior to professional tennis

One of the most difficult jobs for parents, coaches and players is the transition from promising junior into the professional game. (A bonus if you get Locker Room Power)

Private Coaching

With Decades Of Proven Experience, David’s experience and results will help you achieve your goals and more.

Players - Coaches - Parents

Why? Your time and ours is limited. I can’t take every coaching candidate as a client. It’s not feasible. I will work with you if I truly feel I can help you reach your goals and we are a good fit for my personalised one-on-one coaching program. So complete the form and let's talk.

Leadership (The R.I.O.T Method)

We only need 15 minutes. We don’t need a single second more to understand exactly what you need as a coach or a player. This session is to explore how well we work together.

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Reach New Heights

We only need 15 minutes to know if I’m right for you and if it is something you wish to pursue. What’s more, this discovery session is on me! 

Why? Your time and mine is limited. I can’t take everyone who wants my help as a client. It’s not feasible. The fit has to be right to join my personalized one-on-one program. So, to see if it fits for both of us complete the form and let’s talk.

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