What people say about David

Mel South

I would like to take you to Wimbledon some time for brunch or dinner to say thank you for helping me through my playing career and the early stages of my coaching career.

Mel South
Ex-top 100 and British Fed Cup player

Nick Baglin

Dave spent many personal hours shaping the correct mindset for my success. I would say the impact that he has had on my life, not just my tennis, will never be forgotten”.

Nick Baglin
ex-player and successful entrepreneur

Oli Bilson

Hi Dave. Just a quick dose of gratitude for the weekend. Thank you for helping me become who I am today. You made a big impact on me, more than you know.

Oli Bilson
NeXT level (Industry leader in digital entrepreneur marketing)

Matt Smith

I appreciate your mentoring and advice and feel I have benefited and grown as a manager and leader (and will continue to do so). I admire the passion you show for elite tennis and your unrelenting drive for others to improve. I thank you for challenging us as a team. Thank you,

Matt Smith
LTA Coach Development Team

Stefania – Zurich

I was on holiday with my best friend some time ago and we were talking about who had been the most influential person in our life. I didn’t have to think too long and said it had been you.

Anyhow I wanted to thank you with this message for the positive impact that you have made on my life, if today I am that happy with my life and living it really to the fullest it really is thanks to you.


Dr Michael Maljanek

I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful results that we are seeing from the time you have spent with our daughter, Mystique. We now have a teenage daughter who is chatting non-stop, cheerful, walking around dancing and singing. She is also loving school and her tennis has improved ten-fold!

Once again, thank you, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Michael Maljanek B.App.Sci. (Chiro), M.Clin.Chiro, MCAA
Chiropractor, Melborne, Ausatralia

Rich Gabb

I honestly can’t thank you enough for turning me from a chubby little bunny into something resembling a tennis player! I think one of the best decisions I ever made was not telling you to fuck off that day on court 1. Despite how much I wanted to!

Rich Gabb
ATP 410, British U18 national Champion

Mystique – Melborne

I was in a fairly crappy place. I felt like I was in a massive mental slump that had been going on for nearly 8 months. I wasn’t winning and I was rarely ever playing my best because I was afraid of losing…

For every problem I had David would help me to come up with a way that I could solve it. I definitely don’t regret talking to David. If you are in a similar sort of place that I was I highly suggest you give it a shot.


Corporate Lawyer NY

Pro Tennis Player, UK