I was in a fairly crappy place. I felt like I was in a massive mental slump that had been going on for nearly 8 months. I wasn’t winning and I was rarely ever playing my best because I was afraid of losing………

Whenever I had to play a match in a tournament I would panic. I literally had anxiety on the court, no self-confidence but a ridiculous amount of self-doubt. Many times, I thought about quitting so I was pretty much gone. I hated the way that I played tennis and I used to compare myself to everyone who was better than me. I started playing tournaments at 13 which is quite late, I never saw any of my improvement in such as short amount of time. I only thought to myself ‘why can’t I just be as good as them’. I had talked to a sport psychologist prior to talking to David and he did not help me at all. So, when my dad suggested that I talk to this guy I was like ‘yeah alright, my head space can’t get any worse, as if he could help me but whatever.’

As time went on and David gave me tasks to complete and things to help me, unlike my sports psychologist I already knew that this time there was a chance that I would get better. So, I progressed, and I got better, I became much more positive on and off court. Over the course of 3 weeks I had already noticed the difference in my mindset and view not just regarding tennis but also life in general. After about a month for the first time in a long time I was excited to play tennis, I was pumped to train and put to use some of the tools David had given me. I was no longer scared, and I became very confident in myself and my abilities which is also something I had not done in forever. I also then realized that I’m not shit at tennis which I had told myself quite a lot throughout my slump. Instead I realized that I can do well and I do fit in with everyone I trained with, I was almost at the same level as them. For every problem I had David would help me to come up with a way that I could solve it. I definitely don’t regret talking to David. If you are in a similar sort of place that I was I highly suggest you give it a shot.