The purpose of Mindset College is to lead you through a system that will transform your thinking into that of a Winner. Understand it and you create an edge as an Athlete. Awareness gives you a chance to block fear and doubts from your mind when facing opponents. Mindset College has helped many Olympic and International athletes in their success.

Managing team dynamics

Build a team environment of high trust that has greater predictability and reactions to thrive under pressure

Topics covered include: Communication, Conflict Management and Risk Perception.


Unlocking the highest potential of your athletes

When athletes understand and accept what they have signed up to and trust the process that promises success then they believe and with confidence they fly high!

Some of the topics covered include: Managing Fears and Doubts, The Mental Toughness Model and Recruitment

Leading through change and disruption

Change offers the greatest opportunity to take the next step
Topics covered include:
Thrive in Hostile Environments, Change Cycles and Leadership through R-I-O-T