Inside out thinking for Business Leaders

The link between sport and business is well established and increasingly a well-trodden path for business leaders to travel down in an attempt to bring a strong and healthy mindset to their environment. So why David Sammel? The only way to truly understand his inside out way of thinking, which will transform your leadership, is to get on a call with him and experience him. His method is proven and lasting. Testimonials attest to his track record, but he is fully aware “the past does not equal the future” – Anthony Robbins
David knows it is important that he succeeds with you and each client in the present.


When business leaders understand and accept what they have signed up to and trust the process that promises success then belief and confidence grows!

Some of the topics covered include: Creating a positive R-I-O-T, Employees as leaders and The Power of One

conflict as an opportunity

Change and healthy confrontation often open the path of great opportunity and a clear understanding of how to take the next step
Topics covered include:
Thrive in Challenging Environments, Three Golden Words and When to Walk

daily legacy building

Few leaders truly understand the power of legacy building on a daily basis and what that means to your team, your competitors, suppliers and customers. The path of greatness with humbleness is simpler than we think! 
Topics covered include:
Legacy as a Daily Driver, The Ripple of History and Humbleness is Tough