You, the Athlete

We all know Mindset is the key to success. No matter how hard you train if your mind is in the wrong space the performance you want does not happen. The Mindset College programme gives you the tools for the long haul, the resilience to thrive in tough environments. David will alter your perceptions and change your results. The difference is David will take you through exactly how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable! You can think mindset training is an option, something that will just come to you if you do the hard yards right! Wrong! Mindset College is a gamechanger you need, whether you know it or not.


Discover the secrets to competing. This is a two-part module that tackles mental toughness to give you a core understanding of exactly how to be tough and how to overcome fears

Three of the many topics covered include: Fear of the Past in the Present, The Drowning Analogy and Logic under Pressure


When athletes understand and accept what they have signed up to and trust the process that promises success then belief and confidence grows!

Some of the topics covered include: Setting Goals from the Heart, The Mental Toughness Model and Comparison

Dealing with confrontation and CHANGE

Change and healthy confrontation often open the path of great opportunity and a clear understanding of how to take the next step
Topics covered include:
Thrive in Hostile Environments, Change Cycles and Confrontation